Create your account, fill out your profile in full and on the next cycle (usually maximum within 4 weeks) offers will begin appearing in your EARN CREDITS window.

You can get direct deposits into your bank account, purchase e-gift cards or donate to charity everytime you cashout.

We do not sell your email to any third parties. We do not even ask for your real name when signing up so all data is anonymous. All that we ask is that you fill out your profile accurately and in full and complete all tasks honestly so that the businesses that advertise with us get great engagement with the right audience.

It’s pretty straightforward. Businesses want people to pay attention to their new products, services and events. These days it’s pretty hard to get people’s attention! We have created a platform where people can create a profile and businesses can choose an audience to market to. Businesses get real engagement with real people and the audience gets payments for their time and attention.

The website works off 4 week cycles so you may have to wait up to 4 weeks to get your first offer once you first sign up. However as businesses choose the profiles that they want to market to you may not be suitable for a particular task. Our best advice is to fill out your profile in full and be patient as more and more businesses sign up and match with your profile. We also will offer you various incentives over the years to keep building up your account. Lastly referrals are a great way to earn credits even while you are away from the site!

The more people or businesses that sign up to the website using your referral code can change your earnings dramatically. You get a referral bonus (minimum 10SD credits) EVERY time they complete a task regardless if you are on the website so you can earn even while you are asleep! However they must use your unique code when signing up. Simply go to your dashboard and click “EARN” and then “REFERRALS” for more details.

Yes. Let’s say a new restaurant was opening in a particular area and the business wanted to ask people if they preferred one type of food over another. You may then get a survey request. Once you (and the rest of the audience that the business chose) completed the survey you receive the reward and the business receives the responses and the general demographic data (eg 75% of females over 35 preferred seafood). They won’t get your name or email from us! Having said that a business may ask you to come over to their website and sign up for something. If you like their offer and you CHOOSE to give them your details then obviously they have your email and whatever other information they asked for. Always check their privacy policy to see how your data will be handled if you have any doubts.

Every campaign you complete will earn you credits. For example a business may ask you to watch a video. Simply watch the video in full and answer the security question to prove you watched the video. Remember businesses are paying you for your time and attention so give them some honest feedback on what they are promoting. You can also earn credits by referring other people and businesses, as well as completing “Token Tasks” that we set for you.

That’s really up to you. The amount of credits you earn depend on how many businesses sync to your profile, how many referrals you have and how efficiently you complete tasks. At a minimum you earn 20SD credits for a 1 minute task which works out to be $12 per hour pro-rata. That’s not too bad considering you don’t have to travel anywhere and can earn credits in your spare time (or even while working!). However as mentioned your number of referrals, your taskload and how long it takes you to get through each task can affect your earnings. You may earn nothing one week, then $1 one day, 40c the next week , $2 the next, it varies. As you stay with the website over time you will see your account grow and grow especially if you build up your referrals.

Simply go to SETTINGS and then hit DELETE ACCOUNT. Please be aware all your profile details and credits will be completely deleted and cannot be recovered. If you have any credits you would like to donate to charity please do this BEFORE you delete your account!

You will notice some tasks have SD credits as the reward for your time (eg 20SD) and some tasks will have a SPIN token (eg fill out your profile). If you earn a Spin token from your dashboard click on Earn then Spin. Click the green box up the top that says “Click here to Spin” and the wheel should begin. Whatever number it lands on is the amount of SD credits you will win (usually between 5 and 100 credits). Good Luck!

Simply go to your Settings menu and click OFF.

You need to complete the first part of the task. For example if the task was a WEBSITE task a business might ask you to go to their website. You must visit their website first before you can answer the verification question. Often you will need the information contained on the website to answer the question correctly. Same goes for VIDEO, OPINION and DOWNLOAD tasks.

The star rating system works on tallying the number of daily logins for the past 7 days. If you miss a day your star rating will drop by one. Those users with 7 stars increase their chances of receiving campaigns and offers.

Simply email us at info@screendopamine.com.au from the same email you created the account from. We will then delete your business account and you will be able to use your email to sign up as a user.

Check your junk or spam folder. 99% of the time you haven’t yet received your verification email this is where it can be found!


We are passionate about creating the perfect world for people and business to engage with each other. We live in a world of interruption marketing in which almost every space on our visual landscape is interrupted in some way by advertising. Attention is the cornerstone of all marketing and the amount of waste generated both digitally and physically in creating and delivering marketing messages that no one pays attention to is increasing rapidly.

We are at the beginning of an engagement crisis.

The solution is to create exchange platforms that value the time and attention that people spend on engaging with advertising. The first component of Screen Dopamine allows users to create a profile around themselves and then get rewarded for engaging with businesses. The second component is for the businesses to create a business profile and then choose their perfect audience to send their message to.

We call this engagement marketing.

So if you’re a person with a spare bit you can simply create an account for free, update your profile and when a business matches with you they will send you an offer to complete a task. The task could be a request to visit a webpage, watch a video, fill out a survey or download something. At the end of every task you will be asked a verification question to prove you paid attention to the offer. You will earn credits for every task successfully completed and can then exchange those credits for eGift cards, direct deposits into your bank account or even donations to charity. You also earn bonus credits for referring other users and for completing special tasks assigned to you from Screen Dopamine.

If you’re a business it’s just as simple. Create a profile for free and pick a few keywords. The free business profile means that if a user types one of your keywords into our business directory they could connect with your business at any time. The live campaign section allows you to engage with users directly and achieve specific objectives. So whether you would like to do some market research surveys via some cost effective surveys, increase website engagement, do some test marketing of a new product or service, grow your business or even use the platform as a startup validation tool, the options are endless. Whatever your objective we have a campaign type and format to help you achieve your goals. Every single completed campaign gets stored in the users digital letterbox an can be referred back to at a later date.

Let’s stop the waste and create a better world where business and people can engage together.