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Reward Yourself.

Get paid to engage and give feedback to all sorts of businesses, brands and startups through tasks and offers specifically tailored and matched to your profile.

Sell your spare time!

How does it work?

The results.


100k+ engagements with our amazing bunch of users


Screen Dopamine reward credits paid to user accounts

1 Goal

quality engagements between people and business


Create your account, fill out your profile in full and on the next cycle (usually maximum within 4 weeks) offers will begin appearing in your EARN CREDITS window.

You can get direct deposits into your bank account, purchase e-gift cards or donate to charity everytime you cashout.

We do not sell your email to any third parties. We do not even ask for your real name when signing up so all data is anonymous. All that we ask is that you fill out your profile accurately and in full and complete all tasks honestly so that the businesses that advertise with us get great engagement with the right audience.

What’s in it for me?

Cashout by direct deposits into your bank account, donations to charity or purchase any of the below eGift cards for instant satisfaction!

Why it works

You have control over where and when to engage with advertising.

Earn credits for your attention and exchange them for great rewards.

Join thousands of people and change the way advertising works.


We live in a world where advertisers are growing increasingly desperate to get our time and attention. It seems as if everything we do online and in the real world is getting more and more crowded as our eyes, ears and other sense are assaulted by marketing messages!

The more we get exposed to everyday, the less we engage, which leads to the advertisers pushing more and more content into our daily lives. And the cycle repeats.

We are trying to create a new world. Through Screen Dopamine we have created a place where normal people get rewarded for their time and attention with business, and where business can connect with people without interrupting them. We call this engagement marketing and businesses of all types can use the platform as a startup validation tool, do some market research surveys, cost effective surveys and test marketing of new products and services. Businesses can also increase website engagement by inviting people, rather than interrupting them, over to their website.

The exciting bit is that people like you get rewarded for their time and attention by building up points and are able to exchange those points for real payments into your bank account, Egift gift cards and donations to our registered charity.

So join with us and help change the world by creating a fair exchange platform that allows people and business to connect in a better way.