Thank you so much for helping us out with the below survey for our engagement platform Screen Dopamine. This survey will help us understand the current marketing landscape in Australia.

We believe that it’s getting harder and harder to engage people as there is too much interruption marketing in Australia. We are committed to reducing both physical and digital waste produced by the advertising and marketing industries that are constantly overwhelming us with advertisements when we don’t want to see them. We have built a platform that allows a fair exchange between people and business in a more impactful, less wasteful and cost effective way.

Simply fill out the survey below and hit the SUBMIT button. Once you have done this you will receive a code. Supply us this code and we will enter your payment for completing the survey.


Word of MouthSocial Marketing (Facebook, Linked in etc)Events, Markets, TradeshowsLetterbox DropsSEOPPCTelemarketingPR campaignsEmailTraditional (eg Television, Radio, Newspaper or Magazines)ALL OF THE ABOVEOther

I do all my own marketingI have staff to do all my marketingI outsource my marketingALL OF THE ABOVEOther


0-10 hours10-20 hours20+ hours

Finding new potential customersRaising awareness of my brandGetting feedback on my products and servicesEngagement with my campaignALL OF THE ABOVEOther

YesNoNo idea what this is

A free trial of the platformCustomer Support via emailCustomer Support via phoneGuaranteed engagement with my campaignGreat statistics at the end of the campaignAbility to do a campaign in multiple formats (eg video, web links, surveys etc)Fast engagements from the time my campaign startsALL OF THE ABOVE

Yes please, my email address isNo thanks

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