The background:

Unlike traditional wellbeing and health apps, LifeBuddi is not a calorie counter or fitness tracker for those who never miss a beat. Instead, LifeBuddi is for the 82% of us who want to make some changes to our wellbeing and health but sometimes struggle to find time or stay on track. Brad McDougall (Founder) is extremely passionate about helping people get more out of life.

How we helped:

From the very early days LifeBuddi used Screen Dopamine to test and validate many concepts. Initially simple one page feedback forms were used to open the conversation with the brand. As the site developed more detailed string campaigns were used to find users that were really engaging with the concept. Lastly direct acquisition campaigns were utilised to find users to test, give feedback and start using the app.

The results:

Choosing a name for your app can be daunting so the the first campaign through Screen Dopamine was used to test the best name that would resonate with people. The app was initially going to be called “HealthReady” so we tested this name against 9 other names. The users gravitated towards “LifeBuddi”, “HealthReady” and “LifeGain” so the decision was made to change the name to LifeBuddi.

What followed was a series of feedback campaigns designed to help with understanding their marketing messages (eg What do you struggle most with when trying to stay healthy?). What really got us excited was that unbeknown to us the Lifebuddi offices started to receive unsolicited emails from people saying something along the lines of “Hey I just completed this feedback campaign on Screen Dopamine and I am really trying to make a change to my health, can you let me know when the app is released”.

This then led to another lot of string campaigns that focused on the pre-release of the app which incentivised the users to download the app and try it out for a week for a higher reward. Users were asked to test and give feedback in regards to the onboarding process, usability and many of the other features.


The LifeBuddi app is extremely focused on really understanding and overcoming the mechanisms that stop us from living life to the fullest. It is constantly evolving which is why it was no surprise that it ran so many campaigns through Screen Dopamine to really understand particular demographics and psychological mechanisms that underpin peoples success and failure at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.