The background:

The HEGS journey began in mid-2012 when Scott Boocock, Founder & CEO of HEGS Australia was hanging out the laundry at his home in McLaren Vale, South Australia. When confronted with the prospect of his wife’s strappy black dress he thought “if only I had clothes pegs with hooks, I could hang the dress by the straps & eliminate peg, line & sun marks!” Scott started thinking, “why hadn’t somebody invented this already?” and so, the idea for Hegs Pegs was born. To date they have appeared on Shark Tank, TVSN and sold millions of Hegs globally. But in those early days it was slow going and they had yet to snag their first national supermarket distributor.


How we helped:

Some products really need a video to demonstrate their benefits. From the get go we believed that this video was the key to showing audiences what the product is and what it could do. The pegs unique hooks and wind lock mechanism translated so much better on video so we simply created a video campaign.

STEP 1: We wrote small introduction to Hegs and invited Screen Dopamine users to watch the video in full for a small reward.

STEP 2: At the end of the video the users that successfully watched the video in full were asked to answer one simple verification question “What was the last item that was hooked onto the clothesline using the Heg?”.

The results:

Thousands of users across Australia engaged with video over the 28 day campaign and answered the verification correctly so we knew we had the attention of an engaged audience. Internally we sent the users an invite to check out the product from our own online store and some immediate purchases were made. On speaking to the owners of Hegs we knew they were on the verge to start distributing through one of the big two national supermarkets but as of yet most of Australia were still unaware of the product. We told them to send down a pallet and we set up a stand to test the interest at the The Sydney Home Show.

The bags of Hegs flew off the stand and if we could do it all again we should have captured each persons details to allow them to reorder or cross sell them some of the new products that were coming!


This campaign was successful for a number of reasons. It is an Australian owned company with an innovative product that really demonstrates its unique selling proposition in the video. By creating a small incentive to engage with the Hegs video, the Screen Dopamine audience engaged at a time and place suitable to them which allowed for a great “first touch” experience with the brand.  To date Hegs has sold millions of Hegs pegs globally and has created a wide variety of products under the banner of “making laundry easier”.