The background:

Hay House publishes authors who write on such topics as psychic reading, energy healing, meditation, tarot cards, alternative medicine, numerology, astrology, and holistic health. Hay House hosts group events where fans can pay for admission to seminars by the authors who can then make presentations. They also publish CDs, DVDs, calendars and card decks.

The publisher also offers a radio station, Hay House Radio, which provides live radio shows by Hay House authors. They also have spin off websites such as Hay House Online Learning, a place to take online classes by their authors, and Heal Your Life, an online self-help and personal growth program. These services are available as applications for phones and tablets. They also have a division called Balboa Press, a self publishing company, which was created in partnership with Author Solutions in 2010.

How we helped:

This company has a deep understanding of their audience and an amazingly engaged user base. One of their biggest and most cost effective channels is their automated email campaigns so engaging and capturing a genuinely interested persons email was of primary importance. We ran multiple campaigns for them designed to capture emails including link campaigns engaging our users with specific web pages and download campaigns designed to promote specific events.

This campaign in particular was a download campaign which invited Screen Dopaminers to engage with a one page PDF promoting a tour event. The verification question was “Which areas of Australia is Eckhart Tolle touring?” which validated the attention to the PDF and further heightened the cities in which the tour was taking place.

The results:

We reached 100% engagement with the chosen audience through the 28 day PDF campaign plus similar results across many of the others. Through our demographic and feedback forms we were able to show that while the person doing the campaign was of importance, their social and family network was perhaps even more so.


Hayhouse has continued to grow as more and more people search for alternative medicines, self-help and many other alternative lifestyle gurus. One of the big takeaways from using Screen Dopamine that while you have a great idea of your target market, sometimes the people that they are connected to can be even more important as they have influence over them.