The background:

EZswitch is a free Australian energy management service that saves time and money for householders and small to medium businesses by regularly comparing their electricity & gas bills to ensure they always get a competitive rate.

Our aim is to fundamentally change key consumer product markets including energy, lending, insurance & telecoms by using technology to improve market information transparency and by minimising the barriers to switching.

Our leadership team has over 50 years’ experience in information systems development, over 40 year’s experience in financial product development, and has managed the development of financial products with sales exceeding $12 billion.


How we helped:

From the outset it was clear this company had large goals. Built from the ground up the first step was to test and validate the idea on a large audience. Initially the “switching” service was targeted towards helping people compare and save on their mortgages.



It was quickly established through Screen Dopamine surveys and link campaigns  that while the audience was willing, that this industry is highly protected and regulated and that to enter and disrupt this market would take a huge budget. A courageous pivot was made to start in the energy sector and alter the platform to help people save money on their electricity and gas services.


The results:

After running through multiple campaigns around peoples mortgages including micro incentives for filling out feedback forms and macro incentives for participating in longer phone surveys once the pivot was made ezSwitch simply utilised Screen Dopamine to test and validate the idea and again used micro and macro incentives to gain detailed feedback, product testers of the platform, early adopters of the technology and most important customers!




If potential customers are involved with your brand from the early days they are more likely to become actual customers when you release new products and services. One of the massive advantages of Screen Dopamine is that our users are getting a much more personalised engagement so taking them on a journey from simply giving feedback all the way through becoming a customer is much easier.