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Engage Audiences.

We have thousands of amazing people motivated to engage with your business today. Set up your free intro campaign today in less than 5 minutes.

Instant results.

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Grab a free voucher to trial Screen Dopamine and start creating powerful super engagements. Over 100000 unique engagements created so far!


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We do everything! Fully optimised and refreshed monthly the $990 annual package saves you up to 50% and is completely automated.


Simply register your business details below and fill out the BUSINESS PROFILE page from the menu options. It’s that easy!

It’s completely free to setup your business profile and allow users to
search for your products and services. If you want to promote something specific you can run campaigns from as little as $3 per day.

Absolutely. We can offer support via phone or email should you need any
assistance at all. We even can help you setup your first campaign and give you some tips for whatever it is that you want to promote.

Super Engagements.

Thousands of real people motivated to engage and hear about your business. What do you want to say?

Start your first campaign today.

Step 1. Choose a format that best suits your objective (link to your website, video, download or survey).

Step 2. Choose your objective from our list or create one yourself (for example sign up to my newsletter).

Step 3. Finalise your campaign message and start engaging with real people today!

How does this work?

If you’re a business that loves finding new audiences to talk to we have thousands of real people ready to engage with any of your marketing objectives. First choose any of our four powerful formats (links to your website, videos, downloads and surveys). Second choose from any of our marketing objectives (for example sign up to my newsletter, download my offer, engage with my promo video, give me some feedback) or create your own. Lastly finalise your campaign and start the ball rolling.

We are passionate about creating the perfect world for people and business to engage with each other. We live in a world of interruption marketing in which almost every space on our visual landscape is interrupted in some way by advertising. Attention is the cornerstone of all marketing and the amount of waste generated both digitally and physically in creating and delivering marketing messages that no one pays attention to is increasing rapidly.

We are at the beginning of an engagement crisis.

The solution is to create exchange platforms that value the customer validation, time and attention that people spend on engaging with advertising. The first component of Screen Dopamine allows users to create a profile around themselves and then get rewarded for engaging with businesses. The second component is for the businesses to create engagement campaigns and then choose their perfect audience to send their message to.

We call this engagement marketing.

Let’s stop the waste and create a better world where business and people can engage together.