Engagement Marketing

Stop Advertising and start Engaging!

May, 05 2018

#engagement marketing

The advertising industry generally runs on 99% waste! Here is our argument for engagement marketing.

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5 Ways of Research

5 ways that Market Research can help your Business

April, 07 2018

#market research survey #increase website engagement #test marketing #cost effective surveys #startup validation tool

No matter what stage or what objectives you currently have for your business, learning how to conduct great market research will help you get there.

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Internet Ads

The changing face of advertising in Australia.

March, 01 2018

#increase website engagement #test marketing #market research survey #cost effective survey #startup validation tool

If you’re a business chances are you are getting much less bang for your advertising dollar lately. And it’s not going to get any better. Want to know why?

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Amazing Things happen

Producing Great videos- Creating an Animated Explainer Video about Autism.

February, 09 2018

#autismawareness #explainervideo #altruism

Some people just do great things. These people spent two years creating an animated explainer video to “raise autism awareness among young non-autistic audiences to encourage understanding and acceptance in future generations”.

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Engagement Marketing

Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Engagement Marketing; the newest & most powerful marketing tool?

Jan, 16 2018

#engagementmarketing #screendopamine #betteradvertising

The rapidly changing online world produces a raft of challenges for marketers. It used to be that the greatest challenge was producing enough stimulating content, now it seems the biggest challenge for marketers is producing enough demand for that content, getting traffic to it, and the holy grail; engagement.

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Permission Marketing

The Rise and Rise of Permission Marketing.

Dec, 06 2017

#permissionmarketing #sethgodin #screendopamine

The rise of ad blocking, the decrease in user engagement and the general mistrust over data storage and usage is leading to the dawning of a new era in online engagement.

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We are passionate about creating the perfect world for people and business to engage with each other. We live in a world of interruption marketing in which almost every space on our visual landscape is interrupted in some way by advertising. Attention is the cornerstone of all marketing and the amount of waste generated both digitally and physically in creating and delivering marketing messages that no one pays attention to is increasing rapidly.

We are at the beginning of an engagement crisis.

The solution is to create exchange platforms that value the time and attention that people spend on engaging with advertising. The first component of Screen Dopamine allows users to create a profile around themselves and then get rewarded for engaging with businesses. The second component is for the businesses to create a business profile and then choose their perfect audience to send their message to.

We call this engagement marketing.

So if you’re a person with a spare bit you can simply create an account for free, update your profile and when a business matches with you they will send you an offer to complete a task. The task could be a request to visit a webpage, watch a video, fill out a survey or download something. At the end of every task you will be asked a verification question to prove you paid attention to the offer. You will earn credits for every task successfully completed and can then exchange those credits for eGift cards, direct deposits into your bank account or even donations to charity. You also earn bonus credits for referring other users and for completing special tasks assigned to you from Screen Dopamine.

If you’re a business it’s just as simple. Create a profile for free and pick a few keywords. The free business profile means that if a user types one of your keywords into our business directory they could connect with your business at any time. The live campaign section allows you to engage with users directly and achieve specific objectives. So whether you would like to do some market research surveys via some cost effective surveys, increase website engagement, do some test marketing of a new product or service, grow your business or even use the platform as a startup validation tool, the options are endless. Whatever your objective we have a campaign type and format to help you achieve your goals. Every single completed campaign gets stored in the users digital letterbox an can be referred back to at a later date.

Let’s stop the waste and create a better world where business and people can engage together.